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Development of Guidelines on the recommendations for International Week and similar events (Leader: Hellenic Mediterranean University)

The purpose of Output 1 is to achieve a general picture on teaching and learning during the IM across Europe. It will define essential competencies for student IM. Also, it will develop a systematic review of the methodology for teaching and learning in this content, focusing on digital methods and teaching strategies to serve as a helpful guide to faculty in teaching and preparing students for a better acquisition of knowledge in an international content.


1.1 Report on organizing IWs

1.2-1.3  Definition of teachers’ IM competences - Analysis on students' learning competences in content of IM

1.4 Systematic review of methodology of learning and teaching in the content of IM

Design of the teaching and learning open access online modules and materials and development of an innovative educational intervention (Leader: Hellenic Mediterranean University)

This output aims to design of the teaching and learning open access online materials focus on improving teachers’ and students IM competences and to develop of an innovative educational intervention. Building on Output 1 the educative interventions reviewed and the IM Competency Framework for students and teachers forms the basis of the development of the educational materials and the organized workshops.


To develop the online materials and modules and translate them to all partner languages.

To develop the online materials and modules and translation to all partner languages.
To design an innovative workshop intervention at 2 levels: students and teachers

To agree on an innovative workshop intervention adapted to the partners' IW in an attractive and both wide topic such as the "Psychosocial and economic impact of COVID-19”


2.1 Report 

Development of a web-based e-learning Toolkit (e-Toolkit) to improve international mobility competences (Leader: Mendel University in Brno)

This work package is dedicated to the implementation activities related to the gap analysis, state of the art, and policy and practice review that will be developed in the framework of WP3. A transnational report, a national state of the art and gap analysis report, and a compilation of national and EU report will be created, as to investigate current literature, collect needs perceptions and challenges, and support the development of the training Package based on the outcomes of this work package.


3.1 Development a web-based e-learning Toolkit ( e-Toolkit) including the OER and the online materials.

3.2-3.3 Development, validation and translation of two instruments to assess international mobility competencies among students and educators - Translation and validation of an instrument to assess international mobility competences among students and educators participating in International Weeks.

3.4 Testing and validating the e-ToolKit as an innovative approaches on teaching and learning in the context of the International Week.

Development of a web-based e-learning Toolkit (e-Toolkit): an open access online resource to improve digital competence (Leader: PANEPISTIMIO KRITIS)

The Toolkit will provide innovation focusing on course creation, quality enhancement and using technology enhanced teaching (in the way of Online Distance learning) and the improvement of digital competencies. This output aims to support teachers in digital course development and decrease develop time and costs for organizations in course development.


4.1 Development of the web-based e-learning Toolkit

4.2 Testing and validating the e-Toolkit

4.3 Acceptability of the materials and survey

4.4 Results and report of the validation of the e-Toolkit